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Adjustable Panhard Mount For 60 Truss. This panhard mount is For use with Artec's truss systems For 60 axles Inch any 3-link or 4-link scenario. Providing ideal geometry and clearances For other aftermarket components such as hydraulic rams and coilovers, this panhard mount matches the Style and strength of the truss it fits.

  • Sold as Each
  • Designed For joints that have a 1.75 inch mounting width such as 3/4 inch and 7/8 inchx3/4 inch rod ends with high misalignment spacers.
  • It offer three holes at 7, 8, and 9 inches from axle centerline to allow you to fine tune your suspension. Choose which axle truss you are using: Chevy/Ford 78-79, Ford 85-91.5, or Dodge.
  • May require a small amount of trimming on the ram mount to fit. This is intended to work with Artec High Steer Arms.
  • Using shorter arms where the draglink end is closer to the Kingpin may result Inch contact with the bracket. Call if you have questions about fitment.

Adjustable Panhard Mount For Dana 60 Truss Artec Industries

SKU: BR1025
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