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The Next Generation of Artec Ultimate High Steer Arms has arrived. Now our arms are CNC machined from Billet 7075 High Strength Aluminum for a stronger and yet 1/3 of the the weight of steel. That's right! Each arm is now 3 lbs versus 9 lbs in steel. That's a big deal and that extra weight savings means not only better race times but less overall vehicle weight which gives better miles per gallon and less wear on tear on other components.

Whether you are just starting out with crossover steering or going full hydro, these arms are meant to handle it all and give you options as well! Paired with our optional Knuckle Bolt Kit, the exclusive design of these arms not only allow you to set how you attach your steering links but where as well and increase overall knuckle and steering strength at the same time.

Rather than use the factory kingpin springs, the knuckle is held together with a springless design that uses a set screw to adjust the torque required to hold together. This eliminates some of the slop that is commonly found in axles that receive moderate offroad abuse. The hardware for a springless conversion is included and consists of a 3/4 inch set screw, jam nut, grease zerk, .250 inch thick load washer, and upper kingpin bushing for each arm.

  • CNC Machined from Billet 7075 Aluminum
  • 1/3rd of the weight of steel
  • Designed to incorporate Knuckle Bolt Kit increasing strength
  • Optional Knuckle Bolt Kit puts full hydro in Double Sheer
  • Crossover Steering or Full Hydraulic Steering compatible
  • Machined blank to allow customizable tie rod location
  • Crossover hole drilling for GM TRE's or 3/4 inch bolts available
  • Proper 9 degree angle to compensate for knuckle kingpin inclination
  • Springless design eliminates slop caused by preloaded spring
  • Springless hardware included
  • Grease zerk fitting for kingpin lubrication
  • 5 tapered stud holes for use with OEM or Reid Racing Knuckles
  • Precision machined Artec Industries Logo
  • Aerospace-quality spec machined
  • Clear Anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Differential: Dana 60
  • Sold As: Pair

Note: Wheels with extremely large backspacing should not be used in conjunction with this high steer arm. These arms have been confirmed to fit 17 inch, 4.75 inch backspaced wheels. Will not work with factory backspaced H1 wheels. The bulge on the side of the arm measures 1.25 inch from the spindle mounting surface. Please confirm you have adequate space between arms and wheels/tires.

Aluminum Ultimate Dana 60 High Steer Arms 5-hole Pair Artec Industries

SKU: HS6021
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