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The Artec Tire Tool Tray is the first product Inch Artec Industries new line of Tool Crates, products designed For the mechanic/fabricator Inch mind to make life simpler. Now you can put your tools, hardware and small vehicle components Inch one secure and Easy to access location.

  • Sold as Each
  • Lightweight 1/16 inch Aluminum construction means you won't be carrying around unnecessary weight
  • Aircraft grade rivets hold it together providing maximum rigidity
  • Serrated feet grip rubber of tires ensuring your tools stay Inch place
  • Flat bottom design means you can put the try on the floor
  • Low profile formed handle makes it Easy to carry around and fit inside your wheel well.
  • Customize it For additional comfort and distinctiveness
  • Adjustable compartments allow customize-able sections to hold whatever small parts you want
  • Includes 3 dividers For separating hardware and other small parts from larger tools.
  • More available separately.
  • Large enough to fit large crescent wrench
  • Stylish design matches the rest of your Artec parts and sets it apart from other generic tool boxes
  • Beat Down Tested - 6 lbs sledge hammer dropped from 4 feet high over 10 times with only minor denting
  • Fits Multiple Tire Sizes - tested on 33 inch to 40 inch

Artec Tire Tool Tray Artec Industries

SKU: TC0001
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