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Large 4-link Xmember Bracket. This bracket allows For triangulated lower links that meet at a 1.75 inch OD tube or 2.0 inch square tube cross member between frame rails. This bracket is For use with large joints that have a 2.625 inch mounting width. This includes, but is not limited to, 1.25 inch rod ends (heims) with misalignment spacers, and rebuildable cartridge Style joints with a 2.5 inch or 2.625 inch width (Johnny, Flex, Ballistic, etc). The hole size is 9/16 inch and can be drilled For larger sizes. The angles are set at 22 degrees each (44 degrees total) to allow use with our angled lower link axle brackets. This bracket is made from .250 inch thick steel and comes Inch six unwelded pieces that jig together For Easy assembly. We recommend using heavy wall 1.75 inch tubing For your cross member For maximum strength.

  • Sold as Each
  • Tube Style\ Size: 2.0 Square Tube
  • What sets ours apart from other similar products?
  • First, since lower links receive so much abuse from obstacles dragging across them, we've made the lower plate of this bracket cover most of the joint so that rocks aren't directly hitting the joint. This not only reduces the chance of joint breakage, but increases the life of the joint since it is not repeatedly being abused. You can save alot of money when you aren't having to replace joints all the time and that's the biggest advantage to this design.
  • Second, For those using greasable joints, the design of the top and side pieces allows easier access to the top of the joint where a grease zerk is usually located. Having a greasable joint does you no good when you can't access the grease fitting. Again, longer lasting joints means less money replacing them down the road.

Crossmember Bracket Large 4 Link Tube Style Artec Industries

SKU: BR1006
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