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Our Boatside Body Mounts are designed to allow TJ and LJ owners to get rid of the clunky and weak body mounts that often either catch on obstacles or just plain rot off the frame. The under side of the body mount is completely boxed in and even angled to provide a skid plate which allows for less chance of the vehicle getting hung up on the mount. Plus since we incorporate the typical body lift that is installed on these Wranglers into the mount instead of relying on taller bushing, the whole mount is raised up and out of the way.

This DIY kit includes the laser cut and precision CNC bent pieces that will need to be welded together as well as on to the frame. Rather than pay for aftermarket lift bushings, simply use normal OEM height bushings with this kit. The bushings are inserted from the back side above the frame which means the underside of the boatside doesn't need as large of a hole, giving you better clearances and less material to get hung up on.

This kit has been specifically designed to compliment the factory frame, yet look distinctly hardcore. It is also engineered for maximum strength and easy assembly with jigs and laser etched part numbers so you can't put it together wrong. Just another example of the Fusion of Form and Function from Artec.

  • TJ Boatside Body Mounts - 1.25 inch Lift
  • CNC Laser cut and CNC bent from 3/16 inch thick steel
  • CAD designed with models directly from Chrysler to fit perfectly
  • Provides 1.25 inch body lift which allows for additional modifications that need more room
  • Also available in OEM height.
  • Tabs ensure proper locating of the laser cut pieces
  • Angled sides provide better break-over angles
  • Fully boxed design and bottom skidplate means you don't need to worry about whether your mounts will last the trip
  • Works for TJ and LJ
  • Sold as a kit
  • Made IN The USA!


  • Body Lift Version Provides 1.25 inch Body Lift
  • This kit requires general welding and fabrication skills. Welding should only be done by a competent welder. Artec Industries implies no guarantees or warranties and is Not liable for improper installation.
  • Some grinding and fitment may be required when installing this kit. Every frame varies slightly and some fabrication may be required.
  • Add TJ Aluminum Body Mount Spacer Kit if you do Not have a Body Lift Already.

Jeep TJ Boatside Body Mounts 97-06 Wrangler TJ 1.25 Inch Lift Artec Industries

SKU: TJ2010
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