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JK 1 Ton Basics Rear Axle Swap Kit with Truss. All the brackets and truss necessary for swapping in a 1 ton rear axle into a Jeep JK Wrangler ('07-'18).

Artec Industries is excited to announce the JK 1 Ton Basics Rear Axle Swap Kit with Truss. This is a basic bracket system which can be used on practically any axle with a 3.5 inch axle tube (or similar).

This kit provides the factory link, trackbar, spring, anti-sway bar, bump stop pads and shock locations. The kit includes a template for correctly spacing your brackets off the differential casting for AAM 10.5 inch 14 bolt axles and Sterling 10.5 axles found in Ford Superduty.

Other axles can be used as well, just make sure they are wide enough to fit the upper control arm brackets and you have a plan for mounting the ABS sensors.

Features include:

  • Using a 1 ton axle will support larger tires and less chance of breakage in extreme conditions
  • APEX Truss CNC laser cut from 3/16 inch steel and CNC bent for a precise fit
  • Brackets CNC laser cut from 1/4 inch, 3/16 inch and 1/8 inch steel for high strength and precision and CNC bent for great fitment.
  • Includes all the brackets necessary for a complete axle swap including upper and lower control arm mounts, shock mounts, anti-sway bar mounts, trackbar mount, bumpstop pads and coil spring mounts.
  • Save hours of installation time. Coil brackets are offset from differential casting using include template. All other brackets line up to each other, no guessing and measuring involved.
  • Tracbar mount includes 4 locations for those who have aftermarket lifts. Stock height hole is not included though.
  • Easily upgradeable for future link geometry changes. Just trim off factory location upper control mounts and weld on a truss and center link mount (not included)

JK 1 TON BASICS Rear Axle Swap Kit with 9 inch Truss 07-18 Wrangler JK Artec

SKU: JK6114
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