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Disassemble your 99-04 Unit Bearings and Replace the factory 60 tooth Tone ring with this JK specific 52 tooth Tone ring. Use of this product may result Inch damage to Unit Bearing if not done properly. Please ensure you take care while taking apart the Unit Bearing. Did you know that Superduty Unit Bearings can be taken apart and a new Tone ring can be installed? Of course you didn't because until now, nobody knew. Artec Industries again leading the way Inch 1 Ton axle swaps, brings you an easier way to make you JK ABS computer happy. Using our Unit Bearing tool (sold separately), you can take apart the Unit Bearing, remove the factory 60 tooth ring and install this 52 tooth ring. Then assemble the unit bearing again and bolt it up the factory knuckle. The only difference is now you'll use the Dodge 2500 ABS front sensor instead of the factory Ford sensor.

  • Laser Cut and CNC machined For precision reading from ABS Sensor.
  • Uses a Dodge 2500 Front ABS sensor that fits into the factory ABS hole on the Ford knuckle (Chrysler P/N 5179958AB, Dorman P/N 970-052, or Airtec P/N 5S8491)

JK 1 Ton Dana 60 99-04 Tone Rings 52 Tooth Pair Artec Industries

SKU: BB1056
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