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JK Heavy Duty Raised Trackbar Bracket. This heavy bracket is designed to take serious abuse and replace your front 30 or 44 JK factory trackbar bracket. The 1/4 inch thick precision cut and formed components of this setup out perform the competition.


  • Sold as Each
  • This bracket offers raised trackbar holes at 1.75 inch and 3.0 inch. This bracket has nothing to do with your lift amount. This Bracket is For Use With a Drag Link Flip (Which Requires a New Trackbar, Minimum 3 inch and Bumpstop Extensions.
  • If your lift replaces your trackbar and mounts to the factory axle bracket (typical with a lift that includes an adjustable trackbar), choose Factory Height Bracket. Stock Bracket Replacement.
  • 1/4 inch mild steel. Precision CNC cut and bent For great fitment.
  • Replaces factory bracket For those with 2.0 inch lift or higher.
  • Lifts factory sway bar mount 1.75 inch
  • Adjusts roll center 3 inches higher For greater stability.
  • Allows rotation of steering dampener to top side of tie rod For greater clearance.
  • Improves ground clearance over factory brackets.

JK Heavy Duty Tracbar Bracket Artec Industries

SKU: JK4406
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