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Disassemble your 99-04 Unit Bearings to change out tone rings. Looking to do a 1 ton swap into a JK but worried about the ABS? Now you you can change the factory Superduty tone rings on your 1999-2004 Unit Bearings to match the factory JK 52 tooth tone ring count. This tool will allow you to disassemble the unit bearing and replace the tone ring.

  • 1999-2004 Superduty Front Axle Unit Bearing Tool
  • Precision CNC laser cut from 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch mild steel as well as 3/16 inch AR hardened plate for use with an impact driver
  • DIY weld together kit means its low cost
  • Laser etched guide lines allow you to properly weld the plates concentrically
  • Sold as a kit


  • Use of this product may result in damage to Unit Bearing if Not done properly. Please ensure you take care while taking apart the Unit Bearing.
  • Works only with Timken Unit Bearings as different manufacturer's have varying nut sizes and tooth patterns.

Superduty 99-04 Unit Bearing Tool Artec Industries

SKU: TC0012
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